Why is it Important that Your Roofer is Licensed?

At present, roofers in Fort Collins, CO – in fact in all of Colorado – do not need to be licensed. For the home owner who needs roofing installation, repairs, re-roofing or remodeling, this means that it is very important to make sure that the roofing contractor you choose in Fort Collins, CO is in fact licensed and insured.

Licensure holds roofers in Fort Collins, CO accountable, so that if they do mediocre work they might be reported and eventually lose their license. It is a way to protect consumers from being shafted, or forced to pay for inadequate work, poor installations, shoddy material, and other factors that make some work more mediocre than others.

Many people have two questions in relation to licensure when it comes to hiring contractors. In the first place, one might trust someone who is not licensed to do the roofing work that they need because they are a relative or a friend. This is generally not a good idea unless the person has many years of experience doing the work professionally. It is usually, unfortunately, not a good idea to hire friends and relatives because if they do poor quality work it is more difficult to hold them accountable, and it can cause an intense strain on personal relationships. But more to the point, licensure itself is an indication that your contractor knows what he is doing, that he has passed the knowledge tests necessary to obtain a license.

A roof is a huge investment that adds value to your home. Someone may claim to have experience roofing or to have worked for a contractor for years, but isn’t licensed himself. An unlicensed handyman may well know what he is doing and might do a good job, but you put yourself at significant risk in hiring him. A nurse might be able to perform certain medical diagnoses or even surgery without licensing, but in most situations no one would put their lives in the hands of a nurse for less money when a MD or surgeon is readily available. The same principle applies when it comes to hiring quality, licensed roofers in Fort Collins, CO.

Of course, a licensed roofer may not do a great job. It’s important to check into the experience of any contractor you hire as well. The longer they have been in the business, generally, the more secure your investment might be. A contractor that can point to several years of experience, as well as to his license, is a more secure choice than someone who cannot.

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