Why Not Have Carnival Rides for Your Child’s Next Birthday?

Think about it – what do Houston children love more than carnival rides? Nothing! Whether you are a kid or just a kid at heart, you have to admit to loving a good carnival ride. There is nothing that would make a child’s birthday party more perfect that creating a carnival atmosphere with the perfect carnival rides. Rates for carnival ride rental are more affordable than you might think, so you should definitely check into this option for your child’s next birthday party.

You may be wondering what types of carnival rides are available for rental in the Houston area. Here is a list of some of the most popular carnival ride items available for rental:

The Gyro – This ride is designed to simulate a space ride. The rider feels as though he is tumbling and spinning through space! This is sure to be a favorite with your kids.

Trackless Train Ride – Every child loves a train ride! A train with no tracks is perfect for your next birthday party. It can travel on grass on any other hard surface and will hold up to 16 riders at one time.

Hi-Stricker – The Hi-Stricker is fun for kids and adults alike. All players try to show off their strength by ringing the bell! The winner gets the bragging rights.

Chair Swing – For younger children, this is the perfect carnival ride for a party. It is ideal for children 10 and under.

There are affordable party rental options available. The more items you rent, the more of a discount you will receive from the rental company. Some orders, those over $500, have a 25% deposit required. However, that deposit is refundable if you have to cancel due to bad weather. If you choose to do so, you can ask the rental company to hold on to your deposit, if you have to cancel because of bad weather, for up to a year. That way, when weather conditions are more favorable, you can go ahead and have your party!

Your child will be amazed and thrilled if you rent Houston carnival rides for his next birthday party. The rates are really affordable and you can have everything delivered right to your party location. For even more fun, think about adding some concessions to your party rental list, such as a popcorn machine, cotton candy machine, or sno-cone machine. Carnival rides and concessions – what could be more fun at your child’s next birthday party?

Carnival Rides Houston – Carnival rides in Houston are perfect for your child’s next birthday party. The rental rates are affordable and you can receive discounts for renting more items. Houston Party Rental Inc. has been providing the best party rental service to Houston residents for over 20 years. To find out more about rental rates, visit the website at http://www.houstonparty.com/ or call 888-709-6284 or 281-353-2254 for more information and to complete your rental quote request.

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