Why People cannot Quit Smoking

by | Mar 28, 2013 | Healthcare

There are so many ways to help you quit smoking and the list is unending. However, it would all depend on the smoker if he really wants to quit for good as there have been studies that showed some smokers going back to their habits after a while of staying away from nicotine and this is really not good to hear.

Smokers who have quit smoking and gone back for some reasons are prone to contracting lung and heart ailments more easily than those who have simply lessened their intake. Other smokers have used patches, pills, injections and even thought of alternate tools like e-cigarettes just to stay out of nicotine addiction.

Here are some possible reasons why smokers stay on the habit:

* Workplace stress: Stress-related jobs may drive non-smokers to smoke and at times, they would tend to smoke more than the regular smokers.

* Bonding with friends who smoke: These people don’t like to stay out of circulation but then, having friends who have not yet quit smoking would be tempting when others light their cigarettes in front of them and puff the smoke over their heads.

* Other reasons: Other people who have been smoking since time immemorial are afraid to quit smoking for fear that they cannot manage themselves during the withdrawal syndrome. Some would say that they fear of getting ill once they stop because their system is already used to nicotine.

And here are the possible outcomes that you may get once you quit smoking:

* A younger-looking appearance: Smoking brings in so many bad effects like making smokers look older than those who never touched a cigarette all their lives.

* A healthier you: No more worries about getting sick of any illnesses and no associated bodily pains will be experienced once you have kicked the habit successfully and quit smoking for good.

* No extra spending: You need not worry about cigarette purchases anymore. Your savings will grow bigger this time as you will only buy what you really need at home and save for your utilities.

Now, all you need to know is when to kick the habit out of your system and finding out which measure to use to make you live a healthier lifestyle. Everything will all depend on you. If you are not yet sure how to quit smoking, at least get something that you can use to lessen your nicotine intake which is a good measure that will help your body adjust to.

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