Why Rent a Climate Controlled Storage Unit?

At one time or the other, you are likely to find yourself in possession of excess stuff. You are likely to find your home overflowing with items until you have no space to keep them. If you cannot donate or sell the items, you may then consider transferring them to a storage unit where they can be securely held. You may either choose to go for a climate controlled storage unit and you may also go for a regular unit. There are many advantages of hiring a climate controlled unit and they include:

Climate controlled units are suitable for storing products that may be susceptible to mold and mildew. If mold and mildew accumulate on items such as musical instruments, it could lead to their damage. Other items such as clothes, music tapes, and photo albums may also get moldy and deteriorate. Such facilities are therefore better off stored in a climate controlled storage facility. It would be no use storing such items in regular units only to have them deteriorating. It would be wiser to keep them in climate-controlled units where they can be free from damage.

For individuals living in hot areas, it is advisable to rent a climate controlled storage unit in Boulder City, NV. For instance, if you were seeking a storage unit during summer, it would be wise to go for a climate controlled unit. Under very hot conditions, items made from vinyl or plastic may end up melting and this is the reason why it is important to go for a climate controlled unit. During winter period as well, the stored items may freeze, shrink, or crack due to the extreme cold. However, in a climate controlled unit, the items will stay free from damage since they are maintained in a well regulated environment that is neither too hot nor too cold.

When dealing with clothing, it would also be advisable to go for a climate controlled storage unit. If clothes happen to get moldy, they are likely to get stains that may be very hard to clean. For instance, if you store your curtains and mold accumulates on them, they are likely to be stained forever. It is extremely difficult to wash mold from clothes and when mold accumulates on them, the clothes start smelling and you could be forced to throw them away. Why not go for a climate regulated facility and you will not have to worry about such things as mold?

The cost of renting a climate controlled storage facility is definitely higher than the cost of renting a facility that is not climate controlled. However, if you come to think of the benefits that come with renting a climate controlled facility, they exceed the costs incurred by far.

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