Why replace your boiler?

A boiler is a big expense, and most people tend to leave replacing it until the last moment. However, there are good reasons to think about doing it before it becomes an unexpected and unpleasant emergency job.


Boilers tend to last ten to fifteen years before they start to have serious issues. This can be extended if the boiler is regularly maintained, but after this, you can expect to need regular repairs. At some point, you’ll need to bite the bullet and figure out whether it’s cheaper to simply replace the boiler rather than keep fixing it. And, of course, you won’t have to deal with the continual annoyance of your heating going out at the most inconvenient times.

It’s a big expense, but it’s often the best decision in the long run. It’s a good idea to plan for this in advance. When you have your annual maintenance, ask your engineer for his opinion on how much longer your boiler will last, and start saving.

Environmental & cost savings

Many Hemel Hempstead consumers are concerned about CO2 emissions from their home appliances, and boilers are no different. Modern combi boilers are designed to be much more energy efficient, which means you’re generating far less pollution. (And, if you turn your central heating thermostat down by just one degree, you’ll save a lot of energy and hardly notice the difference around your home. Try it. You may be surprised.)

Because of the improvements in energy efficiency, modern combi boilers are considerably more cost-effective than older boilers. Replacing your boiler will involve an upfront cost, but you’ll see the savings every month in lower gas bills. Within a few years, the new boiler will have paid for itself. It’ll also add to the value of your home if you decide to sell it.

Remodelling your home

Your boiler may not be in the ideal place, and may be getting in the way of your plans to transform your home. Around places like Hemel Hempstead, it’s common to find boilers installed in the kitchen, but that can be a problem if you want more space for storage or for food preparation. You could give yourself a lot more room to work with by moving the boiler to another part of the house – typically the loft, airing cupboard or the garage. You can often move your water cylinder at the same time, resulting in a more efficient system and freeing up space elsewhere.

It may simply be that you have an old, large boiler that’s both ugly and bulky. Although you don’t necessarily want to relocate it, a smaller, more modern unit could provide the same amount of heat but take up much less space.

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