Why Seal Coating is Important

seal coating is a very important part of asphalt. Without efficiently sealing the pavement it can rapidly deteriorate. This happens when the binder, which is in the mixture to hold the pavement together, starts to oxidize. This causes moisture to find its way inside the asphalt and can result in very fast deterioration.

In order to prevent this issue from occurring in the first place it’s important that the binder is sealed during the process of installation. This will prevent it from suffering from stress caused by the weather and can protect it from rain, snow, ice, and other elements that could have negative effects.

Getting a Quote

When you get a quote for seal costing services it’s important that you know what to ask the contractor in order to get a good deal. Before you sign any contracts make sure that it states the following information.

Find out how many coats of sealer will be applied. In most commercial circumstances two coats of sealer should be applied. If the contracts state otherwise then make sure it gets re-drafted. Some areas, such as in front of doors, will require three coats.

Make sure that the sealer is not applied by hand. This isn’t industry standard practice. If the contract states that any of it will be applied by hand, get it changed or seek a new contractor.

Make sure that at least two to four gallons of sand will be used when making the mixture for both coats. Without this much sand the solution won’t work efficiently and the material will almost certainly not be worth their cost.

Finding a Contractor

When you first begin searching for a contractor to undertake the task you should ask family and friends. They may be able to point you in the direction of people that they have used in the past; or they may have information on who you shouldn’t use.

If none of your family and friends has used a seal coating contractor in Columbus before, then your local classified-ads could provide details of locally based companies. If not, then look on the Internet. The Internet will be able to provide a wide selection of contractors who are advertizing their services. One of the primary benefits of finding a contractor online is that you will be able to check out their reputation before you choose to make contact. To do you this you should check them out on forums and review websites to see what other people have said about using them in the past. This way you’ll be able to get a good idea of whether they will be able to complete your job to a good standard.

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