Why Seek Out Window Treatment Service in Manhattan NY?

There is a big difference between throwing up a set of curtains or drapes on a window, and seeking out custom window treatment service in Manhattan, NY. Regular curtains, purchased at a department store, can be found in most ordinary homes and businesses. There is nothing special about them, they may or may not fit the window correctly, and they will look the same as everyone else’s curtains. The curtains may block out the sun and provide some privacy, but they will not add any style to the room, complement the decor, or make any kind of lasting impression. Ordinary curtains say nothing about the homeowner, or about the professionalism of the business.

Custom window treatment service in Manhattan, NY will transform a room or office into a statement about those who spend time there. In homes, window treatments reflect the sense of style and preferences of the homeowners. For a business, treatments will help make a professional and strong impression. The decor is taken into consideration, as is the main purpose of the space, and the shape of the room. A large living room with a floral carpet, for example, may look stunning with burgundy curtains that have a thin gold scallop on the edges, or have motorized blinds for a minimalist effect. Experienced professionals who cater to private clients, such as Interiors by J.C. Landa, for example, begin the process by developing conceptual drawings. Designs are produced in-house by skilled craftsmen for a one-of-a-kind result. Custom hardware is also available for window treatments.

Professional installations experts arrive at the location to ensure a perfect fit for the window treatments. The right length, the way the pattern falls together, and where the tie-backs are placed present a well-organized look that adds to the impression of the curtains, drapes, or blinds. Additional services are offered, such as cleaning and routine maintenance of fabrics, hardware, and framing. There is no one better to retain the look and feel of the window treatments than the people who created them. Cleaning, washing, steam cleaning, pressing, and any repairs that need to be done can be completed without fading the colors, stretching the materials, or burning the fabrics. Seeking out custom treatments will enhance the look of the living or business space.

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