Why Structural Steel Beats Out Wood for Building in Edmonton

Over history, different materials have been used for building the world’s structures. Ancient people often used stone or other available materials to create early buildings. Over time, building construction techniques advanced to create larger, more structurally sound versions. In the modern day, both wood and steel are widely used in construction for different reasons. Find out why structural steel should be the first preference when constructing low-rise buildings.

Steel Provides Safety

Products produced by structural steel fabricators in Edmonton are safer than their wood counterparts. The material that comprises steel is noncombustible. This means that the steel structure inside of a building will help minimize fire damage. Unlike with a wood structure, a steel frame will not help a fire spread. This makes it easier for firefighters to contain a blaze in the area of origin. In the end, steel is a lot safer for everyone in the vicinity.

Steel Is for the Long-Term

There aren’t many materials that have a longer lifespan than steel. Steel fabricators in Edmonton produce structural steel that is not affected by environmental factors. A steel frame will retain its original shape and rigidity for years to come. It is also resistant to insect infestations, such as that which happens with termites. Therefore, if you want to ensure that your structure will last, you need to consider using structural steel.

Cost-Efficient Building

Believe or not, structural steel is a lot cheaper to use. Steel can be produced at your desired specifications by structural steel fabricators in Edmonton. This helps save builders the time and money it takes to prepare wood beams. It also helps to lower the amount of waste created by a building project. In the end, builders can get a lot more for their money when steel is the material of choice.

There are numerous benefits to using steel for construction in Alberta. Steel is sustainable and high performing in many different applications. Investing in steel frames is a good decision for any of Canada’s construction companies.

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