Why You Need a Commercial Roof Assessment After a Big Storm

In the warm weather, strong thunderstorms can hit the DFW area frequently. If your business experiences high winds, hail, or other storm conditions, you never know how it can affect your roof. Instead of waiting for problems to develop, you may want to consider an assessment from your commercial roofing contractors in Dallas. Here are a few reasons why.

Damage Can Be Difficult to See

After a storm, parts of your roof may be weakened, and it may take a trained eye to see the damages. Your commercial roofing contractors in Dallas look for signs of possible damage, which include:

• Pounding water on the roof surface

• Blistering

• Punctures or holes

• Cracks

These issues may mean your roof needs repairs or even replacement. Your roofing experts can tell you if you need repairs and if you should contact your insurance company about making a damage claim.

More than Just Roofs

Did you know other things may get damaged during hail or high winds? Most businesses have commercial HVAC units on their roofs, and you should have them inspected after major storms. Your commercial roofing contractors in Dallas can spot problems with your HVAC system before they turn into costly downtime issues.

Do you have commercial signs on your roof? While your roofing pros are inspecting the roof, they also check your signs. Slight damage today can turn in to big problems in the future, if not corrected.


Your building facility can get damaged from storms. An inspection is very important if you have gutters or siding. If you wait until you notice wet spots on the ceilings or walls, you could be dealing with a major repair problem. Your roofing professionals are there to answer your questions and help you take the best course of action.

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