Why you need a professional chimney cleaner

Although there is a certain visible part of the fireplace in your home that a homeowner can clean a professional in chimney cleaning in Worthington OH can do a more complete job. Professional chimney sweeps have specialized equipment that is not found in the average home, not only does the sweep have the tools and skill required to clean the chimney, he will be able to inspect the chimney for any damage at the same time.

It is a generally accepted rule that a fireplace and the chimney should be cleaned at least annually. Although there are commercially available chemicals that can be used to clean a chimney, they are helpful in eliminating the layers of sticky creosote which comes from burning wood. Although a professional chimney cleaner may or may not used these chemicals the truth is, the professional uses far more that just chemicals to ensure a clean, safe chimney.

Chimney sweeps use special brushes to sweep and clean the inside of the flue, these stiff, purpose made brushes remove the built up soot and creosote which can then be removed with vacuums. A professional chimney cleaner will remove all debris, when the task is finished there will be no accumulated soot or any other form of debris left.

A serious consequence of not cleaning the chimney regularly and thoroughly is the possibility of a chimney fire. It takes little for a fire in the chimney to spread, the result being that the home is totally destroyed. Even if a fouled chimney does not result in a fire it most certainly can contribute to carbon monoxide in the home. Carbon monoxide is an odorless, invisible gas that can result in serious medical conditions, if the concentration is enough, it can be the cause of death.

The time to schedule chimney cleaning in Worthington OH is just prior to the fall as the weather starts to become cooler, this is the ideal time because small mammals such as squirrels begin to look for a safe spot to spend the winter. Chimneys that are missing the cap or the cap is broken are favorite haunts for these critters.

Once the cleaning has been completed the homeowner should have a look inside the chimney often if the fireplace is used extensively. This is particularly important if the wood that is burnt is not well seasoned as green wood builds up creosote and soot very quickly, although the rule of thumb for chimney cleaning in Worthington OH is once a year; if the layer of creosote is one eighth inch or more, clean it again.

A clean chimney is safe and efficient, allowing you to enjoy the warmth of your fireplace all season long with little to worry about. For chimney cleaning in Worthington OH you are invited to call upon the professionals; Whempys Ductwork & Chimney Services. Click here to know more.

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