Why You Need to Hire a Product Liability Lawyer in Pittsburgh, PA After Sustaining Injuries Caused by a Product

When consumers buy a product, they do so under the assumption that appropriate steps have been taken by the manufacturer and retailer to ensure the product is safe for use as directed. However, there are situations where this is not the case, and the user ends up suffering an injury even after using the item properly. Millions of Americans each year must seek medical attention because they have been injured when using a consumer product. Sadly, some have even lost their lives. When can a person know if a product liability lawyer in Pittsburgh, PA is needed to resolve the matter?

Who Has the Right to Seek Compensation?

Everyone has the right to file a product liability lawsuit when they are injured by a product they purchased. This is true whether the injury was the result of defective manufacturing, an improperly labeled product, or one that was not designed correctly. The goal of the lawsuit is to hold the retailer and manufacturer responsible for their negligence. Furthermore, loved ones of a person who has died from the use of the product may file a lawsuit, and parents are permitted to file on behalf of their minor children.

Why Is an Attorney Needed?

Victims often find it difficult to obtain compensation for their injuries. Several things need to be proven for the case to be successful. First, the victim must show they used the product as directed and yet was injured during its use. Injuries must have been sustained, and the product must be directly responsible for those injuries for the suit to go forward. This is where the attorney becomes of great help.

A product liability lawyer in Pittsburgh, PA understands product liability law and how it relates to the victim’s case. They can conduct an in-depth analysis of the product to determine what went wrong or bring in experts for this purpose. Furthermore, the attorney represents the client in all dealings with the other party’s legal team and the courtroom if the case makes it to trial. Finally, the attorney can be of great help in determining the proper amount of compensation for the injuries sustained by the victim.

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