Why You Should Buy a Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer has been a popular SUV for a very long time. It is most well-known for its spacious interior and powerful engine. However, the Explorer also has a lot more to offer. If you are considering buying a new SUV, the Explorer should be on your list. Read on to find out what the new Explorer can offer you.

What Are the Highlights of the Explorer

The 2019 model of the Ford Explorer is a decent SUV. It has great handling and different options for motors. It also has one of the biggest cargo spaces in its class. One of the best features of the Explorer is that it can seat seven people comfortably. This makes it the perfect choice for big families or frequent travelers.

An Interior Look

The interior of the Explorer is attractive and comfortable. You can convert the second row of seats in to two captain’s chairs for added space. These chairs also slide forward and backwards to provide access. Overall, the seats are comfortable and fairly spacious. Leg room is also more than sufficient.

If you need cargo space, the Ford Explorer has you covered. Each Ford Explorer in Barrington has 21 cubic feet of cargo space. This is one of the top cargo capacities in this class of vehicles. If you choose to fold down the third row seating, you’ll be presented with 43.9 cubic feet of space. You can get 81.7 cubic feet if you fold down all the seating. With this cargo capacity, you can use the Explorer to haul different items such as luggage, bicycles or camping gear.

Cabin Entertainment

The Ford Explorer from Barrington is on par with other vehicles when it comes to cabin amenities. There is a 4.2-inch screen that can be voice controlled. There are also USB ports and Bluetooth capabilities on board. Furthermore, you can add Ford SYNC 3 for a touch screen-based entertainment experience.

See the New Ford Explorer

When it comes to the new Explorer, there is simply too much to describe. See a new Ford Explorer in person to get the best introduction to its new features. Visit Arlington Heights Ford for help.

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