Why You Should Consider Dental Implants

Your Bakersfield, CA family dentist can discuss the benefits of dental implants with you and help you decide if this is the right solution to your permanent tooth loss. Your dentist is an expert in all dental procedures and can give you excellent advice. Dentists regularly help their patients with routine preventative care, such as cleanings, dental fillings, extractions; and more complicated procedures including restorative surgery such as dental implants. No matter what has caused the patient to lose a tooth, dental implants are a permanent solution for tooth loss.

If you visit your family dentist in Bakersfield, CA for a tooth extraction, he may let you know about the dental implant procedure to replace your permanent tooth. While it is not absolutely essential that a patient have a dental implant to replace a lost tooth, it may help with concerns over physical appearance. Some people feel awkward or embarrassed if they have a tooth loss that leaves a visible space inside of the mouth. Having a dental implant to replace a lost tooth, may help the patient feel more confident with his smile and improve self-confidence.

There are many circumstances that may cause a patient to lose a tooth including tooth decay, gum disease, or some type of accidental injury which knocks the tooth out of the mouth. Also, dental implants may be an option for people who need either partial or completed dentures. Before having restorative surgery and a dental implant, the dentist will screen patients to ensure they are a good candidate for the procedure.

Dental implants can successfully be used to replace tooth loss in teenagers, young adults, and older adults. Children who still have baby teeth are not good candidates for dental implants. However, the dentist may recommend that the child have a spacer placed into the lost tooth spot until there is a replacement tooth that appears. This will prevent the teeth from closing in and will allow new room for the new tooth to grow in straight without being crowded by the other teeth.

Discuss your options with your Bakersfield, CA family dentist to find out if you are a good candidate for restorative surgery and dental implants. During your consultation he will let you know what to expect on the day of the procedure. The procedure is generally performed using general anesthesia. A dental implant procedure is safe, and, with the anesthesia, you should be comfortable and not experience any pain during the procedure. You can have dental implants on an outpatient basis; however, you will want to make sure you have someone to drive you home as you will be groggy after the procedure.

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