Why You Should Contact An Injury Lawyer If You Have Been Attacked By A Neighbor’s Pet

When it comes to personal injuries, people often think about car crashes and injuries sustained while at the workplace. However, hardly anyone ever thinks about injuries sustained by a dog bite. While less common than other types of personal injuries, such instances do occur and can be quite severe. If you have been injured in any way after being bitten by a dog belonging to someone else, then you should contact a personal injury attorney in Port Charlotte FL.

By law, all dogs are required to be on a leash when taken outside. However, most pet owners ignore this law and freely let their dog roam outside. Of course, some dog breeds are quite small, docile and are relatively harmless. However, other varieties like pit bulls and bulldogs have a lot more aggressive instinct and will attack a stranger if it feels threatened. Thousands of people are injured every year as a result of a dog bite. This commonly includes injuries to the arms and legs. A dog’s bite is very powerful and can crush through bone. On top of that, there is also the risk of getting rabies.

Also, a lot of dog bite victims tend to be children who are often overpowered and helpless once the dog jumps on top of the child. Most dog attacks are preventable yet occur because the owner was reckless and did not keep the dog on a leash as is required by law. If your injury requires medical attention; then you will also need to undergo a test to see if you have been infected with rabies. If this is the case, then you should hire a personal injury attorney in Port Charlotte FL. The dog’s owner is responsible and should pay for your medical bills and any stress that resulted from the attack.

While a dog may be man’s best friend, it can also be dangerous if let loose on public grounds. If someone else’s dog attacks you unprovoked, then you should immediately arm yourself with a personal injury attorney in Port Charlotte FL. Even though it was the dog that attacked you, it was just acting on instinct. The owner, on the other hand, should have known better and should be held accountable by not being a responsible pet owner.

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