Why You Should Keep Your Dodge Bearings Dirt-Free

Faulty or worn to the bone bearings can contribute to equipment failure. If you want to make sure your equipment works without any problems, you need to make sure your bearings are also in top form. That’s why cleaning out your bearings is crucial.

Why cleaning matters

It might seem a lot—a particle of hair or a dirt. Less than 5 microns all around. And yet, these can cause potential damage to your bearings, one that could lead to serious problems later on. So if you work with Dodge Bearings from Texas, you need to make sure those bearings are clean, Reliable Plant says. Because everything depends on a bearing’s ability to run smooth. Anything that gets in the way of that can compromise your bearing’s efficiency and lead to extensive and costly repairs.

Contamination problems

This often happens when dirt, grit or dust along with steel chips find their way into the bearing lubricants and cleaning solutions. Since lubricant failure is one of the major reasons why bearings fail, it’s important that your lubricant is free from any harmful foreign objects. So if you want to make sure you prevent contamination, keep your hands clean along with your tools. Another way to keep your lubricants dirt-free is to filter the lubricant. Keep your work area clean as well. All these should prove handy in ensuring dirt doesn’t damage your bearing and equipment.

Shop for good quality bearings

However, no matter how good a bearing is, sooner or later, you’ll have to go for a replacement. So regularly check the state of your bearings. You might think its dust or dirt but the problem could also be worn-down bearings. Find a reliable source for Dodge Bearings in Texas, one that’s trustworthy so you can count on your bearings to last you a good number of years.

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