Why You Should Repair Your AC Unit in the Fall

As temperatures fall, your AC unit is probably pretty low on your to-do list. However, fall is the right time for replacement or AC repair in Sauganash. Below are a few reasons to get the job done now instead of waiting for spring or summer.

Avoiding Service Delays

Home cooling systems last about 15 years, but your unit’s lifespan may vary depending on maintenance, environmental factors, and usage. If your existing unit is past its prime, expect to replace it within the next few years. Buying a new HVAC unit now will help you get ready for summer, and it will help you avoid the service delays that come at high-demand times.

Needing Frequent Repairs

If your home’s AC unit frequently breaks down, it’s a sure sign that its time is almost up. When repair costs approach 25% of the price of a new unit, it’s a good time to upgrade. Buying a new unit during the fall will help you save the time, hassle, and expense of an emergency AC repair in Sauganash.

Learn About Your Options

When an air conditioner suddenly breaks down in the middle of summer, you might feel pressured to choose a new unit out of desperation. However, if you repair or replace your unit before it breaks down, you’ll save yourself from making a rushed purchase decision.

Protecting the Unit During the Colder Months

Whether you’re buying a new unit or investing in AC repair in Sauganash, one thing is for sure: it’s important to get ready for fall and winter. While it’s frequently overlooked, preparation begins with the winterization of your AC unit. It only takes a little time, but it may help you save hundreds or even thousands in the future. Visit us at americanhomeheating.com or call American Home Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule a fall AC tune-up.

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