Why Your Insurance Rate Could Increase

If you have been convicted of a DUI or gotten into an accident, it may be harder to get an auto insurance policy. In some cases, you may need to get SR-22 insurance in Illinois to remain on the road. Let’s look at some specific ways that an accident or traffic law conviction could impact your ability to get coverage.

Your Rates Will Likely Go Up

There is a good chance that your auto insurance rates will increase after causing a crash or getting a traffic ticket. This is because you pose a greater risk of filing an insurance claim in the future. The good news is that some companies will forgive your first accident or overlook a minor traffic incident.

Furthermore, most insurance companies only look at your driving history for the last 12-24 months when deciding how much to charge for a policy. Therefore, if you learn from your mistakes, it may be possible to see your rates come back down.

What Is an SR-22 Certificate?

You may have heard that you will need SR-22 insurance in Illinois. However, there is technically no such thing as SR-22 insurance. Instead, it is merely a certificate saying that you have the ability to pay for any damage or bodily injury that you cause while driving.

This document will usually be provided by an insurance company and sent to your local DMV when a policy is purchased. The certificate on its own doesn’t necessarily mean that you will pay more for insurance. Typically, it is the fact that your license was suspended or that you got into a major accident that will cause your premium and deductible amounts to increase.

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