Window Glass Replacement in St. Louis MO: A Substantial Difference From Centuries Ago

Homeowners tend to take their glass windows for granted until one gets broken or condensation develops between two insulated panes. Glass Replacement in St. Louis MO becomes necessary, and the homeowners must decide whether to order the exact same style again or go with something different. Glass might be considered a bit of a miracle product, considering the protection it provides for buildings while being almost invisible.

Historic Window Coverings

Before the 17th Century, glass was relatively rare for windows. Houses might have some empty spaces in the walls to allow in light and air, with the residents covering the spaces with various materials as needed. Wood shutters were useful for this purpose, for instance. Animal hides also were used, and so was waxed and oiled paper and cloth. Some materials obviously were better at allowing in some light, while others were entirely opaque.

Leaded Glass

Leaded glass eventually began to be used in homes. Instead of manufacturers having to produce large sheets of glass, this method allowed small pieces of glass to be held together with thin bands of lead between. Glass was too expensive for most people to use in their homes, but the price began dropping dramatically in the 1800s.

Today’s Window Glass

By the later part of the 20th Century, homeowners could order an insulated glass in a broad range of sizes and window styles. The improvements through just 100 years were dramatic. Glass Replacement in St. Louis MO could be accomplished without replacing the entire window, including the frame.

People today have a hard time imagining living in a house without glass windows that can be open to the view all day and all night, but centuries ago, everyone was generally accustomed to not having views into the darkness. Without street lighting, it would be impossible to see anything except by the light of the moon.

Windows in Historic Homes

Owners of older houses often want to keep the historic look consistent. In a turret room, for instance, they may not want to deviate from the existing style of double-hung windows with a specific style of top sash. For replacement, they’ll want to Browse the website of a company like A.M. Richard Glass co inc..

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