WoodWick HearthWick Candles

What is all the fuss about Woodwick HearthWick candles? Let me tell you.

If you like to watch a fire in the fireplace, then you will love WoodWick Hearthwick candles. The WoodWick HearthWick candles are a hybrid of the popular WoodWick and RibbonWick candles.

The WoodWick HearthWick candles have a unique natural wooden wick which produces a crackling sound when lit. The HearthWick candles are similar to the WoodWick in that the wicks in the HearthWick candles are also made of natural wood, but the wicks are much wider. This allows the flame to vary in height and width which makes the flame appear to dance. The lit candles create the comforting sound of a crackling fire with the wide flickering flame producing a warm glow.

The WoodWick Hearthwick candles burn clean and leave very little residue.

WoodWick HearthWick candles burn a lot longer than the standard cotton wick candles. They burn at a lower temperature than paraffin candles which makes it not unusual to get 100+ hours out of one WoodWick HearthWick candle.

The WoodWick Hearthwick candles are also nontoxic since they are made from soy wax, and no animal derivatives or byproducts are used in making the candles.

The essential oils and synthetic fragrances oils are infused in the wax blend creating unique fragrances and color combinations. This makes for a stronger fragrance that lasts longer than many other candles.

Best of all, the WoodWick HearthWick Candles are self-extinguishing, so you do not have to worry about your safety. The candles will burn until the wax gets within half an inch from the bottom and then extinguish. Of course, users should follow all safety measures for any type of candle.

WoodWick Hearthwick candles are perfect for gift giving. Include these candles in a gift basket and tie with a bow. No one will be able to resist the beautiful and fragrant WoodWick Hearthwick candles.

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