Work with an Estate Administration Lawyer in Charlottesville

When an individual dies, there is an estate that includes the assets and possessions of that person. This estate, no matter the size, must be collected, organized, and managed so that remaining debts can be paid and assets can be distributed. This process may seem confusing, even overwhelming, to most people, which is why it’s important to get an estate administration lawyer involved as soon as possible.

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To make sure that that process moves forward as efficiently as possible, you should consult with an attorney in Charlottesville as soon as you can. When you work with skilled and experienced legal professionals such as those at Stapleton Elder Law, you will have access to the guidance and advice you need to administer the estate, properly handle the debts, and find the right executor to manage the administration.

There are many specific plans that you and your loved ones can put in place so you’re prepared for the death of someone in the family. You may want to talk to an estate administration lawyer in Charlottesville about important documents, such as living wills, for example. This document explains whether you want to be on life support if you become terminally ill and would die in a short time without this life support. You can also specify your wishes for pain medications and artificial hydration in this document.

You may also want to consult with probate attorneys about the legal process through which the deceased individual’s estate is distributed to heirs and designated beneficiaries. During your consultation, ask about estate plans and the specific tools you can use during this process. A revocable living trust is one of the most popular options.

To make sure that your assets or those of a loved one are properly handled after death, it’s wise to work with an estate administration lawyer.

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