Workers compensation lawyers can help

Workers compensation is insurance that employers have to provide medical care and wage replacement in the event an employee is injured while working. The downside to accepting workers comp benefits is that you give up your rights to sue in civil court. This trade off is what is called the “economic bargain” and depending on the severity of the injuries it may be to the injured employees benefit to contact Ft. Pierce, FL workers compensation lawyers before agreeing to anything.

Workers compensation compensates for any economic loss, payment of medical expenses and payments to dependents if the accident resulted in the employees death. Workers comp does not compensate for pain and suffering or punitive damages if the employer was negligent.

Workers who are injured on the job will often benefit if they retain Ft. Pierce, FL workers compensation lawyers who can advise them of rights and to defend the worker in the event benefits are prematurely terminated.

Employees are often ignorant of the workers compensation system as all they are required to do is complete an injury report which allows them to qualify for benefits. For people who have more serious injuries they are well advised to seek counsel from workers compensation lawyers. Litigation involving workers compensation is considerably less complex than personal injury cases because it is more administrative and the rules of evidence are somewhat more relaxed.

If you are refused benefits you are entitled to hire workers compensation lawyers in Ft. Pierce, FL. If you are denied benefits that you know you are entitled to or a demand is made on you to return to the job before you are medically fit or you are denied extended disability compensation these are all good reasons to get legal representation. It may not be difficult for your employer to locate a doctor that will certify that you are capable of returning to work when you know you’re not, speak to a workers compensation attorney immediately.

Employees are rarely aware of the law; the same cannot be said about the employer. Employers know exactly how the system functions and how to shorten or even terminate your benefits. If, for example, you were to accept a custom designed job that accommodates your injury, it is perfectly legal for the employer to eliminate the job, lay you off and eliminate workers comp benefits. This is also true with doctors who are no more than “hired guns”. A less than scrupulous employer can seek out a doctor who will certify that an employee is ready to return to work if the doctor normally associated with the company says the disability continues. It is in cases like this where Ft. Pierce, FL workers compensation lawyers can be of significant help. Visit the website for more information.

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