You Can Trust The Service At The Transmission Shop In Chicago

Have you ever tried to put your car in reverse, and it only moved forward? That’s a sign that you may have a transmission problem. Transmission problems can be costly repairs.

The transmission brings power from the engine to the drive wheel in your car. The automatic transmission is the most popular type in the U.S. Most cars use electronic signals and computers to tell the transmission what to do, including when to change gears. The transmission is the most complex device in your auto. Other signs that something is wrong include a burnt odor. You don’t want the transmission to get overheated. The transmission may be leaking fluid, slipping or making a loud noise.

In any event, you need to go to a shop that specializes in transmissions. Only certain mechanics repair transmissions. For a quick response, try the Transmission Shop in Chicago. Consumers need to get a couple of different estimates. Sometimes, your transmission just needs a $20.00 part. Other times, the transmission needs to be replaced. That could cost up to $3,500.00.

A cheaper way to repair the car is to rebuild the transmission. Rebuilding involves removing the transmission, opening the case, inspecting and cleaning all the components, and maybe replacing a couple of small parts. If the rebuild involves a major part, it could be as expensive as replacing the transmission. Another way to save money is to buy a used transmission and have the shop put it in.

Some cars have manual transmissions. This transmission bolts to the back of the engine, and the driver shifts the gears. The driver presses the clutch pedal and moves the shift handle into the desired gear. These transmissions may need repairs, as well. Most often, it’s the clutch that goes out. It’s about a $1,000 repair job.

Have the transmission inspected on a regular basis. It’s hard to believe that people overlook one of the most important parts of their vehicle. Usually, the transmission fluid only gets checked when it’s oil change time. If you take care of the transmission, it will take care of you. Find a transmission shop you can trust!

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