Your ENT Or Throat Doctor Can Solve Throat Problems

Too often, many people think a sore throat is a simple problem that can be fixed with gargling salt-water. A pain in your throat can be the first signs of much bigger problems. If you consult with your regular doctor, you may find yourself being referred to a throat doctor Fort Myers specialist to see if your symptoms are due to a larger issue.

The proper name of a Throat doctor is otolaryngologist. Very often they are called an ENT or ear, nose and throat doctor. Other specialists in this area are rhinolaryngologist and otorhinolaryngologist. These are medical specialists dealing in diseases and other problems in the throat, ear and nose.

A Throat doctor Fort Myers specialist will often be called in to deal with swallowing and speech disorders. The cause for problems in this area could be related to the dysphagia, palate that deals with nerves and muscle control in the esophagus and throat. Left untreated this could lead to head and neck cancer often referred to as oral cancer. This can seriously affect the lips, cheek lining, tongue, floor of the mouth, palate and gums.

A Throat doctor or ENT specialist will be called in to help with sleep disorders and sleep apnea. Loss of sleep can lead to serious mental problems, so an ENT needs to be consulted to see if there are blockages in the throat caused by excess tissue at the back of the throat. They will also check for enlarged tonsils or adenoids and certain sinus conditions that are known to be the root cause of sleeping problems.

It is your throat doctor that performs a Tonsillectomy. This is the surgery to remove the tonsils, which are glands located at the back of your throat. If during this surgery it is discovered that there are problems with the adenoid gland, they will be removed at the same time in order to avoid an additional surgery having to be done later.

Other issues that require the special services of a throat doctor can include postnasal drip, nasal congestion, and inflammation of the sinuses that comes with fungal or bacterial infections or other viral conditions such as Sinusitis.

See your Throat doctor Fort Myers specialist to make sure that your “simple sore throat” isn’t an indication of a much bigger problem. Remember that an ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure.


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