Your First Visit to a Chiropractor in Tempe

When someone has not been to a Chiropractor in Tempe before, they often have questions and fears about what will happen in their treatment. They hear about the doctor popping people’s necks, and worry that this could break something. This is a normal question, and your chiropractor wants you to ask questions about your treatment and be involved. They’ll be happy to explain what movement they will do when they do an adjustment and allay your fears about breaking bones. In addition, if a certain adjustment is too much for you physically, or if you are worried about it, there are many other techniques the doctor can use that are less forceful. You are in charge of your health care and you don’t have to consent. The doctor just wants to educate you about what he or she is doing and how and why each procedure works.

In any case, when the Chiropractor in Tempe does a manual adjustment to your neck or to your back, the popping sound that you hear is not your joints or bones moving or breaking. It is the sound of air in the joint being released when the joint moves. This actually releases pressure which can provide immediate relief. It also sends a signal to the patient’s brain to tell it to reset the joint.

At your first visit to the Chiropractor in Tempe AZ, you will be asked to provide medical background information, submit your insurance card, and identification. You’ll have your blood pressure, height, weight, temperature, and pulse taken. You’ll have your exam, possibly have x-rays taken, and then hear the doctor’s recommended treatment for you.

Your treatment may include a manual adjustment. It may also include physiotherapy and massage, too, for treatment of soreness and stiffness in your soft tissues. The doctor will let you know if you should apply ice or heat at home, and might advise you of certain vitamins or supplements as well as nutrition. Treatment may also include acupuncture. The doctor may advise you about ergonomics in your sitting and standing posture, as well as tell you to lift nothing more than twenty pounds, for example. As you return for subsequent visits, your treatment will vary according to your progress.

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