Your Guide to Choosing a Ceiling Fan for Your Home

A ceiling fan can either be a gorgeous addition to your favorite room or a terrible eyesore, all depending on how much you know before you shop for one. So, how can you be sure you choose the right fan for your home? Follow these tips and bring home a great ceiling fan with lights or other features to really brighten up your space:

Understand Height

The height of your ceilings will have a major impact on the size and shape of your fan. A low ceiling requires a fan that is mounted flush with the ceiling to give proper clearance, while very high ceilings can house fans on longer mounts or which drape more like chandeliers. Taller ceilings can also house larger fans, as they will make the room appear smaller and cozier.

Place it Properly

Where should your fan go? Since fans don’t actually lower the room’s temperature – they cool you by creating a pleasant breeze – they should be installed to aim their air flow toward spots where you spend a lot of time. Choose the area over your bed, above the couch, or over a dining table.

Think About Control

Do you want to be able to control your fan from your couch or bed? Do you care more about the attractiveness of your fan and the power of the lighting than about the ability to remotely control its function? Weigh those factors to decide whether remote control capability is something you want in your ceiling fan.

Be Choosy About Where You Shop

To get a great ceiling fan with lights in Victoria, BC, you’ll need to shop with a great specialty lighting retailer. A prefab fan that comes from a megastore shelf is going to look like exactly that. If you want something that looks as beautiful as your home’s rooms already do, shop with a great retailer and buy the best. Your home’s lighting is worth the investment!

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