Your Options for Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Orange County, CA

by | May 15, 2024 | Testosterone Replacement Therapy

If you’ve been diagnosed with low testosterone, you have many more options today than you did a decade ago. Here’s a list of current treatments, so you can discuss them with your doctor and find the best treatment for your lifestyle.

Topical Therapy

There are two main methods of topical therapy.

• Topical Ointments: Currently, there are four approved agents available for testosterone replacement therapy in Orange County, CA. The difference between the four is where and how much you’ll need to apply. If you need more testosterone, you can simply increase the dosage. However, the major drawback is the transfer of the ointment to other people, such as spouses and children. You’ll need to wash the area before skin-to-skin contact.

• Patches: Patches are applied daily and don’t have the same transfer issue as ointments. However, they can cause rashes in some people.


Injections are a once-a-week or every-other-week treatment injected deep into your muscle. You’ll likely need to have your levels checked between injections. Most patients feel great after the injections but may suffer from typical low testosterone symptoms the day or two before their next dose. Injections can be done at home or a health care provider’s office.


Pellets are an in-office hormone replacement therapy in Orange County, CA, where a pellet of testosterone is inserted underneath the skin. Although you have to go into the office, the treatment lasts three to four months, and there’s zero risk of transferring testosterone to someone else. It’s an excellent choice for people who forget to apply daily medicine, but it is more challenging to change your dosage if needed.

Buccal Formulation

Buccal formulation is a testosterone replacement therapy in Orange County, CA, that you place inside of your mouth twice a day. Drawbacks include accidental swallowing and mouth irritation.

If you’re considering testosterone replacement therapy in Orange County, CA, visit Dr. Bradley Noon at BioPrime Medical to discuss available treatment options.

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