Your Questions Answered About Home Foundation Repair In Houston TX

Home foundations often shift due to soil conditions and ground settling. A house that’s moved off its foundation can become dangerous for homeowners. To make sure that a house doesn’t sustain more damage, a homeowner should contact an experienced company that specializes in Home Foundation Repair in Houston TX. To learn important information about foundation issues and repair, read the frequently asked questions below.

Q.) How can a homeowner tell if the foundation underneath the house has shifted?

A.) There are several obvious signs a homeowner can look for that indicate a shift in the foundation. These include large cracks in the walls of the basement, vertical cracks in the masonry of a brick home and basement walls that lean inward. Inside the house, homeowners can look for cracks at the top corners of windows. Doors that drag when they’re open or shut is also a sign that the foundation needs repairs.

Q.) What happens to cause a house foundation to shift or crack?

A.) If the soil that’s underneath or around the house is too wet or too dry, it can cause the foundation to shift. Dirt around a house can become saturated with water if there’s a drainage problem in the home or if there’s been an abundance of rain. Drought conditions in areas that don’t receive enough rainfall can cause the earth around a house to become severely dry and crack. Regular settling of the earth around a house is normal, and it can cause the same reaction.

Q.) What can homeowners do to keep their house foundation from shifting?

A.) Homeowners usually don’t realize there’s a problem with the soil or that the ground has settled until their home foundation has shifted. To keep the foundation from shifting in the future, homeowners should contact a company that specializes in Home Foundation Repair in Houston TX. An experienced company will perform an inspection of the house and foundation before recommending a repair method.

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