How to Sell the Necklace to match the Outfit

by | Sep 27, 2013 | Shopping

You see multiple clients everyday looking for necklaces. It would be helpful to assist them find the best necklace to match their outfit by following a few basic rules. It will also be helpful when ordering your wholesale fashion necklaces to keep in mind the rules and order according to your clothing inventory if you sell a complete fashion line.


  • Strapless: Recommend chokers for strapless outfits as they are the most flattering. If they are not buying for an outfit in your shop make sure you ask what kind of occasion they are attending and then recommend based on formal or informal. For elegant go with faux pearls, diamonds and gems and for casual look for larger beads and circlets.


  • Scoop Neckline: The scoop is best selected with the shirt in question available as it should fall an inch above the neckline. You can recommend any style of necklace from double and single strand to pendant style or circlets.


  • Turtleneck or Mock Turtle: Look for necklaces with impact to bring attention and interest to the humdrum turtle neck. Because it provides a smooth and blank canvas you can recommend necklaces with plenty of color, bold size, circlets and multiple strands.


  • Boat Neckline: Length is a must for the boat neck as it can pose an issue with shorter strands that can tend to pop inside the neckline. Look for longer strands, chains and pendants that will hang well below the neckline by a few inches.


  • V Neck: The v neckline can be a little tricky due to the “valley”. You have to aim for a pendant or chain that will not fall any lower than 2“ above the “V“. Never recommend a circular necklace at it causes confusion between the “V” and the circle.


  • Plunging Neckline: Short works best with strands and circlets that will fall a few inches below the collar bone. Do not recommend anything that will get lost in the decolletage.


  • Halter or Single Strap: This style of dress or top doesn’t work with necklaces. Recommend a fun chunky bracelet instead.
  • Collared Shirt: When working with a collar you have to establish how they will be wearing the shirt. If buttoned they can where full collared necklaces in line with the collar and when opened they can select strands or pendants that land not too far above the first closed button.

Consider these points when selling as well as when buying your wholesale fashion necklaces.

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