Services Provided by an Orthodontist Specialist

by | Oct 8, 2020 | Dentistry

Very often whenever people are considering visiting an orthodontist, their first thought is getting braces which will straighten and align their teeth properly. Even though this is something that’s offered through an orthodontist in Oak Creek, it’s not the only service they can perform. There are a variety of procedures for clients depending on their specific needs.

Utilizing Conventional Braces
Having braces installed probably is the most typical service that orthodontists will offer to patients. Braces consist of bands and metal wires that will provide not just aesthetics, but increased functionality. Teeth that aren’t aligned properly often create bite and other problems. Clients that have these issues generally are able to have braces with this process covered through their insurance plan. However, for those only wanting braces installed for aesthetic purposes likely will have to pay for this procedure themselves.

Popularity of Invisible Braces
Due to the ever evolving technologies regarding today’s dental care, most orthodontists can now offer patients a large variety of options regarding those needing to get damaged teeth realigned. Among the most popular and leading choices are wireless braces. They consist of several clear and removable devices that cover the patient’s teeth. These will exert pressure on teeth with the goal of moving them into their proper position. It is done without needing metal wires and brackets. Such systems typically will cost more than your traditional braces; however these work much faster and are less noticeable. It’s what makes these a favorite with both children and adults.

Additional Orthodontic Treatments
The orthodontist has the ability to reposition the client’s teeth as well as correcting any jaw irregularities by a surgical procedure. This kind of surgery typically is done on those who are at least young adults. This procedure involves a number of adjustments and the surgical realignment of the person’s jaw. The final result would be teeth which are realigned and the client is then able to effectively bite again. The treatment typically is for a severe alignment problem.

Locating the Best Orthodontist
If you need a quality orthodontist near Oak Creek for help you with any tooth straightening issues, your first resource should always be a family dentist. In many instances they can recommend a specialist whom they use frequently. Furthermore, if you have friends and family members with past experience using an orthodontist in your area, they can be a great additional source as well for getting recommendations. Visit Griffin Orthodontics today.

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