How to Do Your Own Dog Training in Timonium, MD

The biggest misconception about dog training in Timonium, MD is that you need to spend lots of money on a professional dog trainer in order to get your dog to follow a few basic commands or to housebreak your pet. This is just fallacy. There are some simple tricks...

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Searching for Pet Grooming in Alexandria, VA?

Trepidation is a terrible feeling, and something most pet owners feel when they have to leave their pets while they go to seminars across the country, visit relatives who are allergic to pets or simply planning a short weekend getaway. Finding a company in the area...

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Pet Grooming: Part of Responsible Pet Ownership

Every Alexandria, VA pet owner should know and perform routine grooming for their pets as part of responsible pet ownership. Dogs and longhaired cats need to be brushed every day. In addition, any pet who spends any amount of time outside needs to be checked regularly...

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