Understanding When an Excavation Service in Vancouver WA is Truly Needed.

by | Jan 9, 2024 | Construction and Maintenance

Older homes often run into drainage problems that cause backups in the bathroom and kitchen. This typically occurs because roots from nearby trees or large shrubs have grown strong enough to break through the ceramic sewage drain pipe and cause a major blockage. This can be temporarily eliminated by technicians feeding a cutting tool through the line, but inevitably the roots will return. Rather than repeatedly deal with this situation, homeowners should turn to an excavation service in Vancouver WA that can dig up the pipe and replace it with a stronger PVC version that is resistant to similar breakage.

Drainage Problems May be Closer Than You Think

A stubborn clog or extremely slow drain doesn’t necessarily mean that the outside sewage pipe is damaged. Sometimes pieces of waste become severely stuck in the pipe and start blocking other debris from travelling past it. This type of problem can’t be solved with a plunger or chemical additive, a professional needs to address the situation. The various methods employed by companies like Dirty Works Excavating are effective ways to get things flowing smoothly again. To learn about these options and see what other services are offered, customers are urged to “browse our website” and check out the various pages of information.

Water Line Leaks Need Special Attention

Drainage isn’t the only underground plumbing issue that homeowners sometimes face. Many people don’t know this, but the water line is running into their house becomes the homeowner’s responsibility from the point of the street-side meter. If this line is damaged or leaking, the water utility is not liable, and the homeowner will need an excavation service in Vancouver WA to dig up the line, find the source of the problem, and apply the fix. These professionals know exactly how to find the pipe without digging blindly and can send cameras through the line to help pinpoint the leak’s location to minimize property damage as well as save precious time.

Eliminate That Sense of Dread

Any time one of these severe plumbing issues occurs it can cause homeowners to fear the cost. Fortunately, most plumbing companies provide a free consultation service that evaluates the situation and finds the most affordable route to fix it. These plumbers not only work closely with the customers to fit the project within their budget, but they also agree to a schedule that minimally impacts the customer’s daily life. For more information visit their website at Dirtyworksexcavating.com.

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