What is Asterisk SIP Trunking?

by | Sep 7, 2012 | Business

SIP trunking is a commonly-used telephony term that describes a feature that businesses use to achieve phone communication for its users. Asterisk SIP trunking is particularly useful as it is provided by Digium, industry’s most prestigious company. Digium is well known for providing a way for SIP systems (or equipment capable of SIP trunking) to be able to communicate over great distances at a much lower cost.

What’s Involved?

SIP trunking is the essence of what is referred to as “VoIP” – a procedure where a business can connect to our everyday phone network without the use of any analog telephone lines. With Asterisk, a Digium product, SIP trunking may be achieved by using a simple network interface. While the interface itself is easy to manage, professional services are often used to first set up the SIP system. This is due to the fact that it is normally a one-time configuration that establishes your voice connectivity to the outside world.

Asterisk SIP trunking involves two separate key technologies. The first is SIP or Session Initiation Protocol. SIP is the method of communication which is widely used when referring to several VoIP phone systems used today. The other important component is Asterisk. Asterisk is the actual Digium VoIP Phone System that is capable of SIP trunking over the Internet. SIP trunking is an alternative way to provide voice communication by utilizing an internet connection. .

An Open Source Solution

Digium has ensured that Asterisk SIP trunking is an open source system, making it easy for professionals to freely edit the code. It also means that improvements are constantly being made by creative minds all over the world. This Open Source model creates a community that perpetuates improvement by sharing and refining enhancements to the SIP system. Digium has implemented this technology in its Switchvox Asterisk VoIP Systems, allowing customers to seamlessly utilize the SIP Trunking capabilities to conduct voice communication over the Internet

Cost Savings!

One unique benefit of SIP trunking, especially with Asterisk SIP systems, is that phone calls are generally less expensive. Calls can be made anywhere for as little as 2 cents per minute! In addition by allowing a SIP System to create a SIP connection to another SIP system, calls become free regardless of distance. Depending on the need, these types of solutions can equate to major cost savings for businesses.

Just Requires Internet

The goal with SIP trunking is to utilize VoIP. An Asterisk device, such as Digium’s Switchvox, can be configured and setup to provide voice over the internet. The only minor challenge is ensuring that the right resources are used to help with the configuration. The best method is to have a Digium certified Solution Provider set it up properly for your company. This is to ensure that proper configuration meets your business requirements.

The Bottom Line

The use of Asterisk SIP trunking is a great way for a business to provide voice communication at a low cost. It adds a level of simplicity while remaining flexible enough to accommodate various business needs. A business should consider this option when making decisions about providing cost-effective voice communication to its end users.

Perivue Networks has solutions for Asterisk SIP trunking powered by Digium’s Switchvox system. Being a Digium Select Partner, they can sell the equipment and provide their professional services to implement the entire solution for your business, in order to achieve better, and cost effective communications.. Visit for more information, or call (800) 716-8554 to speak to a representative.


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