A 3 step strategy to effectively engaging remote sales teams with video

by | Aug 7, 2013 | Business

motivational sales trainingVideo is quickly becoming a perfectly acceptable way to connect with people in business from sales meetings to client interactions. Video allows companies to use a personal contact forum without the need for expensive business travel and there are ways to be more effective when engaging in remote video meetings. Here are three tried and true efforts to improve your video meeting effectiveness.

1. Tape or Live: First you can decide if it is easier to do a live meeting or to provide a video. Depending on the purpose of the meeting you can decide if it will be more effective to offer an interactive forum or a one sided communication technique. Some training can be effective with pre-recorded video whereas other training requires live webinar settings allowing for questions and answers. A good example for a taped session would include a new employee video to review corporate policies, welcome packages and general company overviews. Tape also works well in global situations where everyone may not be awake at the time the meeting takes place. You can also use tape in smaller sessions to avoid boredom and allow people to watch them at a time convenient to their schedule. Just make sure you set a deadline and confirmation policy to ensure everyone has watched.

2. A Crowd or a Chosen Few: Often the expense of travel meant only a chosen few were able to attend important meetings and seminars. The convenience of video allows more people to participate and can actually save a lot of time and money. When people are involved first hand they will be more apt to understand as well as feel more involved. As well, people will be given a consistent version of information across the board as opposed to hearing things from another person’s perspective where key information can be missed or misinterpreted.  This means people are not only engaged during the session but more engaged in their jobs when they feel involved.

3. Mobile Friendly: Incorporating a mobile friendly approach to video allows sales teams to be engaged in video meetings or watching video reports and training sessions on the tool nearest and dearest to their hearts.

Using these easy steps will help promote a more engaging and manageable approach for your remote sales team interactions.

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