A Professional Lawn Service In Chandler Can Give You A Great Looking Yard

by | Jul 4, 2013 | Home And Garden

In the past people led much slower lives. Today things have changed and most people are much busier. Husbands and wives both work long and hard and are usually stretched so thin that by the time they get a day off, they just don’t have the energy to mow or take care of their yard. There isn’t much time for proper yard work. When they have a muddy or dirt yard, they don’t even have the time to try to get some grass to grow.

Getting sod can be the start of an answer to this dilemma. Sod can give you a professional looking yard almost immediately. We all want a lawn that is the envy of the neighborhood. Using sod is the fastest way to have a yard that is ready for a spring barbecue. Both homeowners and builders appreciate that an instant lawn by using sod can provide a yard faster than grass seed can.

Even with getting an instant sod lawn doesn’t take care of your busy schedule. It doesn’t let you keep your yard looking great. What you need is a Lawn Service, Chandler company to help you. They can mow and trim your yard for you on a regular schedule. They also know some little known lawn care facts and techniques that most homeowners aren’t aware of.

Lawn Service Chandler specialists know that you should not mow your lawn too short. Cutting your grass too short makes it susceptible to the harsh sun rays. Your grass gets a sunburn and turns brown. Also the roots can’t do their job of getting your grass well established if the soil is easily dried out by the sun. Click here at Sergio’s Lawn Service

You grass will grow better when the lawn is watered properly. The Lawn Service Chandler will ensure that the lawn isn’t flooded with water so that the grass actually drowns. They will ensure that it is watered lightly and for the right length of time so the water can soak in properly giving the grass roots a chance to grow deeper so they can provide stronger grass.

They will also make sure that fertilizer is added twice a year so that it will thrive. The twice a year fertilizing gives your grass a chance to grow thicker and greener.

You can have a beautiful lawn by using a Lawn Service Chandler and be ready for a family get-together all the time.

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