Benefits Of Alkaline Antioxidant Water

by | Mar 22, 2013 | Home And Garden

There are two specific elements that are required to sustain life, air and water. Water has a lot of work to do; helps deliver oxygen to the body’s cells, cleans air in the lungs, and strengthens organs so they can better absorb nutrients, regulate body temperature, detoxifies and maintains the flexibility and softness of skin. Alkaline antioxidant water can accomplish even more than tap water and to a higher degree.

Beneficial antioxidant properties:

During the making of alkaline water, one stream is acidic, which is oxidant, and the other stream is alkaline, which is antioxidant. It is the antioxidant properties which counteract free radicals. Free radicals can lead to premature aging and other unhealthy conditions. Because the antioxidants are delivered to the body in liquid form, they get absorbed into the system faster. The benefits are obvious because ionized alkaline antioxidant water has the anti-aging properties most often looked for. It is also believed that alkaline water helps one to develop a resistance to cancer.


Ionized alkaline water is also very helpful in cleansing the body, especially the colon. Waste material will cling to the colon and over time they build up and can become poisonous, even fatal. Using ionized water is a very safe and easy way to remove this build-up of fecal material. It can remove this material that has been building up for a long time, even years. Once removed, the waste elimination process is more effective and thorough. This helps to decrease the number of times constipation occurs. If you drink alkaline antioxidant water daily it will keep your entire system cleaned out and in good working order. When your system is clean, you are less susceptible to colds, flu and stomach viruses.

Physical appearance:

Alkaline antioxidant water not only is good for cleaning your insides, it is ideal for rejuvenating your skin. It helps to replace skin tissue and aids in maintaining elasticity and overall health. It also acts as a detoxifier for the skin; this causes the skin to look smoother with fewer breakouts. The skin is subjected to the vital nutrients from our food, and alkaline water maintains critical pH balance in our system.  Alkaline water is also an aid in weight loss and weight control as it helps with the breakdown of the fatty elements in food. It is also an effective appetite suppressant, it has no calories but it can leave you feeling satisfied and refreshed. These benefits, when taken together, make you feel younger and totally revitalized.

Alkaline water also helps to keep all the joints lubricated and help prevent sore muscles and injuries. This is very beneficial to those who engage in active sports or those who are susceptible to sprains.

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