Braces will assure you of perfectly straight teeth

First impressions really do matter; people remember your smile, and it is one of the first things to be noticed. Everyone wants to feel comfortable and make great first impressions; it helps in building confidence at work and within their personal lives. Having braces in Weatherford TX is painless, and you can be assured of perfectly straight teeth and a great smile.

Unfortunately, not everyone is born with perfect teeth. Braces in Weatherford TX can help in aligning your teeth so that the spaces between them are correct. Braces also correct any over or under-bite that often causes problems with eating. Teeth that are poorly aligned not only look bad, they can actually cause headaches due to extremes in pressure put on the teeth and gums. When your teeth are properly aligned it is much easier to clean them, hence your oral care is dramatically improved.

What is the process of fitting braces?

There are many people who think that getting braces in Weatherford TX is going to be a painful experience. Although there is a feeling of pressure, the sensation is not painful. Your dental surgeon will explain the entire process and how you will look after the process is completed. Over the course of treatment, you will have to return to the dentist’s office every four to six weeks for adjustments and for the dentist to make sure the teeth are moving as planned.

During the process of adjustment, the dentist removes the rubber bands and wires which allows him to observe the movement. It gives you the perfect opportunity to give them a good brushing and flossing which can be difficult when the bands and wires are in place. The wire is replaced, and new rubber bands are fitted. When this first happens, there may be a little discomfort because this is when the teeth start moving again. The pressure does not last long and as your visit progress, you will find that the sensation gets less and less. Between visits, it is not unusual for a wire on the braces in Weatherford TX to move, a quick trip back to the dentist will fix this problem.

For the first few days after having the braces put on, your mouth will feel awkward, heavy and full. It usually takes a few days for the new wearer to get used to the braces and to be able to eat properly. It all depends on the individual; some people feel the discomfort a little longer than others as the bone and tissue breaks down and grows again in a new place.

Just remember, when the process is all over, you will have a radiant smile and perfectly aligned teeth.

For that perfect smile, have your braces in Weatherford TX fitted by Drs. Romack and Mulkey at Cosmetic & Family Dentistry of Weatherford.

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