Budget Hotels in Paddington

According to a recent survey, London is the 6th most expensive city in the world. At the same time, it falls under some of the most visited places on earth. This contradiction is attributed to some localities in London that provide low budget accommodations and reasonable hotels. These include the areas of Bayswater, Paddington, and Marble Arch. This article presents a brief discussion about budget hotels in Paddington.

Paddington, located in the city of Westminster borough, is a highly visited place in London. This area is home to three famous landmarks; the Paddington Station, the Paddington Police Station and the St. Mary’s Hospital. The popularity and demand of hotels in this area is also attributed to the proximity of Paddington to the most popular Hyde Park.

Being home to some famous historical landmarks, world class museums and state of the art galleries, London is one of the most sought out tourist attractions. However, not everyone can afford to enjoy the luxuries of a five star hotel. The hotels of Paddington have made it feasible for a common man to visit all historic and exotic places of London within his budget.

Paddington welcomes tourists with varied budgets and needs. It offers a wide selection of hotels ranging from inexpensive bed and breakfast accommodations to highly luxurious hotels. The hotels in Paddington are also known to be very colourful and attractive. They have been designed to address the needs of the people from different cultures, preferences and social status. Moreover, this area of London is one of the favourite destinations of families, as it is near some major recreational spots.

People travelling for work related purposes prefer to stay in areas that provide easy access to different modes of transportation. Paddington is also preferred by business travellers, because of its proximity to the Paddington station and the short distance to several other parts of the city. The underground tubes pass through all areas of London, from Heathrow airport to Oxford street, and farther.

In times of economic downturn, Paddington has been able to attract visitors and travellers from all over the globe. Promotion of low budget hotels and the facilities provided there are the major reasons behind the increasing tourist traffic.

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