California Mailing Services to the Rescue

by | Jun 22, 2012 | Business

The graphic designer took longer than expected to complete the artwork for your company’s new direct mail piece. In order for the information on the card to be timely when it is received, you will have to stay late tonight affixing mailing labels and postage. When you call the printer to find out where to upload the artwork, you mention this is a rush job and lament the long hours you will spend getting the mailing ready for tomorrow morning’s mail. The printer politely asks if you have considered looking into California mailing services.

You patiently explain that this particular direct mail piece does not need to be shipped overnight and is not oversized. When you think of mailing services, your mind immediately imagines large boxes and shipping labels and thinks it does not apply to your current situation. In a hurry to get to the next phase of the project, you thank the printer for agreeing to rush the job and hang up the phone to collect the list of addresses. The list contains more than 3,000 recipients. Intentionally instructing your shoulders to relax, you feel the tension creep up your neck to the base of your skull, a precursor to the inevitable headache.

Once the list is compiled, the hunt for stamps begins. After gathering all the rolls and partial rolls in the office, you discover that you don’t have enough stamps to complete the mailing.  The nearest post office will be closed by the time you fight through traffic to get there. The precursor has morphed into a full blown headache now. Taking a deep breath, you find two aspirin and contemplate calling in sick tomorrow. Then you remember what the printer said about California mailing services.

Sitting down at the computer, you type mailing services into the search bar and learn that there are companies that will address, stamp, and bundle bulk mail projects. You forgot all about the post office requirement to bundle bulk mail projects by zip code. At the end of your rope, you call the printer back to ask for a California mailing services referral. You can hear the smile in the printer’s voice when he says, “I don’t need to refer you anywhere but here. We can take care of that for you. Just email the addresses to me, and the mailing will go out first thing tomorrow morning.” Suddenly your headache-inducing project is complete.  You’ll be home in time for dinner.

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