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Regardless of where you live, who you’re sending flowers or an arrangement to, or what the occasion might be, you can’t go wrong sending roses. They’re stylish for any situation. They come in a wide variety of colors and signify an assortment of different sentiments. If you’re unsure of which color or arrangement to send your loved one, be sure to ask your Flowers Cape Town specialist for advice.

Yellow Roses

Yellow roses look lovely in a vase and make a delightful gift to be delivered to a friend in the hospital. There’s a good reason for this. Yellow rose signify joy, gladness, friendship, promise of a new beginning, and “I care”.

White Roses

Most often seen in bridal bouquets, these gorgeous bouquets of flowers mean purity, innocence, silence, youth, godliness, and the saying, “I am worthy of you.” If you’re trying to impress someone, sending a dozen or two of these gorgeous long stem flowers are sure to make an impression.

Yellow with Red Tips Roses

What a stunning sight these flowers make on a mantle piece, kitchen table or coffee table. The flowers themselves send a sort of mixed signal to the recipient, so the sender should beware. The yellow flower itself stands for friendship, with the red tip standing for love. Put them together and have a flower that insinuates the sender is starting to fall in love, or is experiencing a love that is taking a more serious turn. If this sounds like something you’re feeling, this is the flower you should be ordering from a Flowers Cape Town florist today.

Coral Roses

If you receive these from your love, count your stars. They signify desire. While they aren’t as strong as the red roses for love, it’s nice to know you are desired, too. Feature them proudly in your room and remember them fondly.

7408459_lWhile everyone knows red roses are for the love of your life, be it be your husband, wife, mother or sister, there is a list of other reasons you may want to send roses to a friend or loved one. Know the reasons behind the colors and be sure to pick the right one for the occasion.

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