Cheap Insurance in Plymouth, MI Can Give Renters Peace of Mind

by | Jun 11, 2013 | Insurance

Many people who live in apartments don’t think that they need Plymouth Renters Insurance. They don’t own the building and they don’t have many personal belongings. They may be surprised to learn that their new landlord requires them to have it. That’s because the tenant’s policy protects the landlord if the tenant damages their apartment or the building in general. For example if the tenant lights candles and they start a fire that spreads throughout the complex, the landlord and other tenants can recover damages against the tenant’s policy.

Tenants who find out that they need renter’s insurance have to start hunting for a Cheap Insurance Plymouth MI policy. If they own a car, they should start by talking to the insurance company that has their car insurance policy. Often people can save money on all of their insurance policies if they bundle them with one insurance company.

They should also make sure that they work with an independent insurance broker. The agents write policies for a number of insurance companies. They can look at the needs of a particular person and then search through many policy options for Cheap Insurance Plymouth MI rates. If they are getting renter’s insurance, because it’s a requirement of their lease, they can consider getting a high-deductible policy. The higher the deductible the less the monthly premium. Some tenants think that they can get a policy to get into an apartment and then let it lapse. That is not the case. Most landlords or property management companies require that they be listed as an “additional interest” on the policy. That means if the tenant lets the policy lapse, the landlord or their agent knows about it.

Tenants might think that they have so little furniture and it’s so old that even Cheap Insurance Plymouth MI is not worth it. They should realize that renter’s insurance usually pays the replacement cost and not the current value. So if their old couch is ruined because of smoke damage, the insurance policy will pay for the tenant to go out and buy a new couch. If they are robbed or disaster strikes, they will be able to more easily put their lives back together.

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