Choose a Roof Repair Ohio Roof Company to Install Your New Roof

by | Jun 28, 2013 | Roofing

Do you know that if you want services from the nearby Roof Repair Ohio Roof Company that homeowners are always asking for help with their roofs, you can fill out a form online? Just your name, email address and phone number is needed. You should type a message in the form telling them what service you’d like done, whether repairs or a new roof installed. Besides roofing, they do gutters, downspouts and siding. They use brands that are well known and last for years. Brands like TAMKO and SEAL-A-RIDGE, among others, and each manufacturer they use carries their own product warranty which is on top of the 2-year workmanship warranties roofing companies carry.Look for a Roof Repair Ohio Roof Company that also works with LEED certified shingles that are reflective and sustainable, because utility companies offer a rebate when you get them. The average rebate for using a sustainable shingle is approximately $300 a year. These shingles reduce heat at least 20% on the roof because they’re reflective and are Energy Star qualified. You’ve probably seen many products carrying the Energy Star symbol on them. From stoves to refrigerators, to air conditioners and furnaces. These products lower utility costs and save the environment by using less energy and if you’re going to have a roof installed, it’s best to get one that’s going to save money the entire time you have it.You should also talk to your homeowner insurance company and find out if they’ll give you a discount if you purchase impact resistant shingles. You can also receive a $1500 credit on Federal taxes when you purchase the Solaris, Energy Star shingles. You’ll enjoy looking at the Websites of various company’s “gallery* photos of homes and businesses and how beautiful they look upon the completion of roofs. You can also read the testimonials written by satisfied customers who have used the companies you’re viewing. Call a nearby company and have them come out and give you an estimate.

You’ll get an idea of which one you want to work with once you’ve called them on the phone. You can always tell if certain companies are worth hiring on that first call, if you hear the happy voice of a customer service representative on the other end of the line. That happy voice speaks volumes for the roofing company.

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