Choosing the Right Wood Flooring

by | Nov 9, 2012 | Home Improvement

Even though wall-to-wall carpeting has become the standard choice for most people in the United States, there are many who stand firmly by their love for wood flooring. San Antonio alone is full of prominent flooring companies that specialize in installing wood in addition to various other materials, and there will always be homeowners ready to invest in their services at a moment’s notice. While it’s good that there are so many people around to keep the popularity of wood flooring alive, it’s even more important that people come to understand the numerous hardwood options on the market so that they can make an informed decision with regards to the type of flooring they choose for themselves. The act of doing so is imperative if one wants to make the most out of their investment, and it’s always beneficial to choose the most economical option.

With wood flooring, there are two basic options that people in San Antonio are able to pick from; you can either have solid hardwood installed, or you can try and find a company that instead specializes in providing manufactured hardwood. Visually, these two types of flooring are more or less the same. However, they couldn’t be any more different in terms of composition, so it’s necessary to know exactly what you’re bargaining for before you choose one over the other. Remember, just because they’re made of the same materials doesn’t mean they’re the same thing, nor does it mean that it’s appropriate to use all the same maintenance methods on each.

Solid wood flooring is exactly what the name implies. This type of flooring consists of solid wooden boards, cut down to the appropriate shape and prepared for installation. Solid hardwood is arguably the most common variety there is, and it’s what most people in San Antonio think of when they hear about wooden floors in general. One of the many benefits of solid wood is that it’s made to last. It doesn’t need to be maintained very often at all, and every once in a while, it can be sanded down and refinished in order for it to look as good as new. With solid hardwood, your floor can look as excellent as it did the day you had it installed.

Manufactured hardwood, however, has the advantage of not expanding or contracting when exposed to humid air. This is a frequent problem reported by homeowners with solid wood flooring; the wood warps and bends in accordance to the level of moisture in the air, which can cause permanent damage in the worst of cases. Manufactured hardwood consists of many fine layers of wood stacked together to form a single plank, and this counteracts the aforementioned expansion and contraction, making them a better choice for people who live in very humid areas. Unfortunately, however, manufactured wood flooring can’t be maintained with the same level of versatility as solid hardwood.

Wood Flooring San Antonio – Choosing the right flooring for your San Antonio home involves more than just figuring out what’s most appealing to the eye. Wood flooring might work for some people, but your home might be best suited to something else entirely, and that’s where Atlas Floors comes in. We’ve been providing people from all walks of life with only the best in flooring installations since 1948. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you want to know what kind of flooring you should have installed and then leave the whole process to us. Call (210) 496-5006 or visit to find out more.

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