Considering Lumineers In Murrieta

by | May 10, 2013 | Dental Care

If you are uncomfortable with your teeth and your smile, it shows. You may think you’re doing a good job of hiding it, but you usually don’t. You may try all the tricks like a closed mouth, tight lipped smile, talking with your hand shielding your mouth or looking away when speaking to someone, but no matter what you try, you usually can’t get away from the fact that you re embarrassed by your teeth and the way they look. If and when you finally get to the point that you want to do something about it and change the way your teeth look, lumineers Murrieta may be the answer that you’ve been looking for.

Lumineers are made of a very thin porcelain material that adheres to your original teeth with a bonding agent. They’re very secure and will stay put for a long time allowing you the ease and convenience of great looking teeth with only a couple dental visits to fit them. With lumineers, it doesn’t matter if your original teeth are stained or even slightly misaligned, lumineers can cover it all and give your smile an entirely different look that you won’t want to hide.

Another great advantage of lumineers is that, if you change your mind for any reason and don’t want to have them anymore, they can be removed. Veneers require much preparation before they are attached to your teeth. Your teeth will have to be ground and shaped to be ready for the veneers to be attached and afterward they will always need to be covered as they’ve been altered a great deal. This isn’t the case with lumineers Murrieta CA. You’ll be able to have a white and bright smile with no painful or permanent alteration of your teeth.

If you’re uncomfortable with the way your teeth look, there is no need to continue to feel that way. Lumineers can give you a whole new look without any pain or discomfort. Contact a dentist’s office that offers lumineers Murrieta to learn more about this wonderful, simple and painless way to make your smile look new again.

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