Creating Picture Perfect Honeymoons in Italy

by | Sep 28, 2012 | General

Your honeymoon is about romance, time together and experience of exciting sights for the first time. One of the most exquisite honeymoon destinations that speaks the language of romance is Italy. With its incredible scenery, romantic beaches, quaint restaurants and shopping diversity, there is something for every new couple. Whether your perfect honeymoon plan consists of lying on the beach and soaking up the sun on the Mediterranean coastline or you prefer to see the sights and sounds that make up the rich history of Italy, honeymoons in Italy have it all.


Explore the history of Italy together with its incredible museums and beautiful churches, each with their own intricate story. You will find buildings with architecture that cannot be found anywhere else, as well as incredible art that will take your breath away. Explore fashion in Milan, the ruins of Rome and of course the Vatican and the Colloseum as you explore the sites of Italy with your new spouse.


There is no better way to experience the romance of Italy while on your honeymoon than in a romantic gondola in Venice. Tour the canals that are the epic symbol of love with your new spouse and keep the magic of your newly said vows alive. After experiencing the romantic waters, you can take a stroll through the amazing streets of Venice, hand in hand, while taking in the incredible views Venice has to offer.

Water Activities

The vast choices of water activities in Italy make it a natural honeymoon for couples who love water. Whether you and your new spouse are looking for private places to swim and lie on the beach or you wish to go sailing or boating across the exquisite Italian waterways, there are water activities for every new and willing couple.


Experiencing the unique and exquisite tastes of Italy can enhance the romance of honeymoons in Italy. From quaint little cafes to experience a delicious cup of Italian coffee to exquisite restaurants or pizzerias where you can experience authentic Italian food for the first time, there is the perfect dining experience for every couple. Before you start your honeymoon in Italy, do your research to determine the exact hot spots you and your new spouse want to dine at to ensure they are included in your honeymoon plans.

Picture perfect honeymoons in Italy can be created to encompass incredible romance, unbelievable sights and delicious dining that cannot be found anywhere else. Deciding what your perfect honeymoon consists of will help you create a honeymoon for you and your new spouse that will be remembered forever.

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