Crooked Teeth? Talk to a Dentist about Clear Braces in Destin, FL

by | Jun 28, 2013 | Dentistry

Invisible aligners aren’t a good choice for some people who need to have their teeth straightened. They need to use the traditional brackets and wires to create a beautiful smile. However, some adults believe that metal braces will make them look juvenile and less professional. While they want their teeth straightened, they don’t like the idea of wearing the same type of braces as teens. Clear braces Destin FL appliances are an option for these people.

Clear braces are clear porcelain brackets. They are transparent and provide the same function as their metal counterparts. However, they are more fragile than those. Therefore they may have to be replaced more often because they are more apt to break. Because dentists fear they may break, they don’t often don’t tighten the wires as much. That means that it will take longer to straighten the patient’s teeth. For many adults who have to go to work every day and make presentations, these are small inconveniences.

Stubbs Orthodontics can quickly fit the patient with clear braces and begin straightening the teeth. While the brackets are clear, the wire connecting them often isn’t. So people might notice this wire floating across the patient’s teeth. Orthodontic supply companies have created clear alternatives. A patient who is concerned about the wire should ask about these.


Clear porcelain is harder than a patient’s teeth. This means that the clear braces could injure the tooth enamel if worn over a prolonged period of time. Only a dentist can examine a patient’s teeth and evaluate whether or not they are a candidate for these types of braces. Some orthodontists prefer to limit the use of the Clear braces Destin FL appliances to the front teeth. This provides the patient with the aesthetics they prefer and protects the health of the back teeth.

Once the braces have been placed on the patient’s teeth they have to be cared for carefully. Food can get caught in the brackets and wires and needs to be gently but thoroughly removed. Dentists will monitor the patient’s mouth and determine if they are brushing properly. This is an important step to maintain the overall health of the teeth.

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