Designing Perfect Promotional Umbrellas

by | Sep 14, 2012 | Marketing & Advertising

You are a business and are on a limited budget for advertising. When that is the case, let others do the advertising for you for free. While nothing is really free, you can spend less and get a greater return so you can enjoy a feeling of free advertising. For instance, you buy promotional umbrellas in bulk and give them to all your customers or to the people to whom you provide a service. The umbrella should be sturdy, rather than one that will fold over your head the first time you are in a thunder storm. Here’s how the marketing plan works

Designed to Attract

Whenever a piece of advertising goes out your door, it should be designed for the market it is sent with. The promotional umbrellas will be sent in the hands of people on the street who go places you will never set foot in. The color should be flashy and the printing should be distinct. At first glance, the lady walking down the street should see the attractive color and read what it says, drawing her in.

So what color attracts? Even black can attract if the print coordinates. Or you can have a florescent type color or go conservative but intense. These colors could be maroon, forest green, royal blue or any other color of the rainbow.

Printing to Attract

You do not need to tell everything about your company on the promotional umbrella, but if you have your company name and a phone number, the print should be large enough to attract. Better yet, print your phone number in a word or words that relate to your business and a quip that relates to your product or service you can provide.

Use a font that is easy to read. It may be romantic or cute to have a script or Old English font, but you are not using the promotional umbrella to be cute but to generate business. Use Times New Roman, Arial or some other block-type lettering so it is clearly read, even from a distance.

Being Creative

Some stores have a courtesy individual at the front of the store who will help you out to your car if it is raining. Guess what they need? You’re right – umbrellas. Leave three to five of your promotional umbrellas with the courtesy staff to use. The little rack to hold the umbrellas could have a sign with your company’s name on it as well, increasing your advertising reach.

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