Diaper Bags are Not Made Equal by Any Stretch of the Imagination

by | Apr 26, 2013 | Gifts

A diaper bag is a diaper bag is a diaper bag. Isn’t that Right?  Well…not exactly because some diaper bags are high quality, stylish, and designed with a multitude of special features. Then there are the diaper bags that are poorly made, consist of a few pockets, and have zippers that keep breaking. When balancing a baby in one arm and quickly needing a burp cloth, which diaper bag would you rather be reaching into?

Diaper bags are not all alike, and the cheaply made ones do not provide good service. Bags that have a couple of big pockets and few side ones, but little else, usually end up stuffed with a jumble of items. A quality bag that has a number of features like a moisture proof pocket for wet, dirty diapers and internal organization pockets, like those found in the Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bags, make it easy to keep items separated and organized.

Baby Supplies Organizer To Go!

It is distressing to need a clean diaper, pacifier, or bib right now and find it necessary to dig through a disorganized jumble of baby clothes and diapers. You can almost count on the fact that the baby will be crying the whole time you are searching for those clean baby clothes. Taking care of a baby is a time consuming responsibility, so the least a mother can do for herself is carry a high quality diaper bag that is like a portable organizer.

The best diaper bags have qualities like the following:

  • Multiple bottle holders
  • Changing station with portable changing pad
  • Internal diaper pockets
  • Multiple pockets of varying sizes
  • Pockets on the interior and exterior
  • Storage container for wet wipes and fitted pocket for stashing
  • Easy to clean exterior and interior
  • Metal feet on the base so bag is never set directly on the floor
  • Cell phone pocket
  • Easy to use closures
  • Key clip
  • Pacifier dangler

Of course, no diaper bag has every single feature, so it is important to decide what is most critical for your lifestyle. For example, if you take a lot of day trips with the infant, the multiple bottle holders and changing station are critical features. If you must carry an unusual amount of baby clothing and supplies, then a diaper bag with a large number of big and small pockets is important to mom.

Sure That is a Diaper Bag?

The stylish diaper bags do not even look like baby supply totes. They look more like handbags, and that is also important to many mothers. Just because a woman had a baby does not mean she has to look frumpy. Stylish bags today are made with designs that include flowers, stripes, floral jacquard, diamonds, and just about anything else you can picture in the way of designs and prints.

Diaper bags like those made by OiOi, Lexington, Petunia Pickle Bottom, and other successful, high quality brands prove that not all diaper bags are created equal. Choose your diaper bag carefully because it becomes a critical piece in the baby care plan. With a high quality bag, you know exactly where to find that spare pacifier at all times.


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