Disability Attorneys Can Help You Get the Benefits You Deserve

by | Apr 25, 2013 | Legal

When a medical issue prevents you from holding a job, you can file for disability benefits through either the Social Security Administration or through your employer. Most larger companies offer workers some sort of disability coverage after they’ve been employed for a set length of time. Deciding whether to apply for short- or long-term benefits will depend mostly on the length and severity of your medical issue; both disability types require medical proof that you cannot work. If your claim is denied, it’s wise to seek the help of a Disability Attorney Chicago.

Short-Term Disability Explained

When you run out of sick days, you may have the option to file for short-term disability. Ask your employer’s HR department to see if it’s available; however, there’s often a delay between the time you leave your job and the time you begin collecting benefits. Private disability plans usually last anywhere from two months to a year, and you’ll receive a portion of your normal monthly income.

Long-Term Disability

When you’ve exhausted your sick leave and short-term disability, you should immediately file for long-term disability benefits. The waiting period can be much longer; you may go anywhere from three months to a year before you start collecting benefits. If long-term disability coverage is provided through your employer, the plan’s time limit may vary. As with short-term disability, you’ll get a portion of your monthly income, with either you, your employer or both of you paying the cost.


Almost every long-term disability insurance policy requires you to apply for Social Security disability (SSDI), and to reimburse the insurer a portion of your retroactive benefits. The SSDI process is complex, and delays are typical; therefore, it’s important that you hire a Disability Claim Lawyer in Chicago who specializes in patient advocacy.

The hiring of a disability lawyer can be instrumental in your successful Social Security claim. Disability attorneys are experts in communicating with your employer and your medical team to collect the information and documentation needed to prove your claim. If you’re experiencing a short-term disability, or one from which you do not expect to recover, call a Disability Attorney Chicago as soon as possible.

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