Discover Beautiful Weekend Getaway Destinations This Fall

by | Jan 29, 2013 | Travel & Vacations

Autumn has arrived and with the cooler temperatures and changing leaves, many families are seizing the opportunity to take a short trip and get away from the stress of the daily grind. Choosing the perfect weekend getaway destination can be difficult. There are so many choices just waiting to be explored! Here are a few options that you might want to consider for the perfect fall family adventure.

First, consider taking a camping trip. Fall is a great time to venture into the outdoors and spend a weekend hiking, fishing, and roasting hot dogs and marshmallows over a campfire. There are campsites all over the United States, but Houston has some of the most beautiful camping destinations with nature trails and plenty of beautiful scenery to explore. Camping is a cheaper alternative for a family weekend getaway destination. Instead of shelling out thousands of dollars on expensive resorts or spas, try relaxing outdoors. Your kids will have a blast and you can drink in the sights and sounds of nature as you sleep under a canopy of trees and watch the stars.

Second, pick a city that you have always wanted to see and book a hotel for the weekend. You could visit the city’s most popular attractions including museums, famous landmarks, restaurants, and parks. Pick a random destination and set out on an adventure. Learn everything you an about the city when you visit and you might just uncover a new family favorite for weekend getaway destinations.

Third, consider a weekend staycation with your family. The “staycation” is a fairly new idea, but with many families watching their budgets carefully, it is a good option. Basically, you stay in your own home town for the weekend and get out and discover new things about the place you live. Perhaps there is a local art gallery that you have never had time to explore. Maybe your kids are dying to try out the new skate park, but your hectic work schedule made it impossible until now. Spend the weekend scoping out new places to spend time in your own city or revisit your old favorites. Take in a local concert, visit a pumpkin farm, or buy fresh produce at the local farmer’s market. Relaxing at home is always a fun way to spend the weekend, but you could also create a whole vacation by eliminating media and getting out to explore your own city to see new places that you’ve never visited.

No matter where you choose to go for your weekend getaway destination, take this time to relax and unwind. The holidays will soon be here and fall’s leaves will give way to the winter chill. Enjoy the time with your family and make some new memories this weekend.

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