Do You Need Air Conditioning Service in Mansfield or a Replacement?

by | Sep 11, 2012 | Home Improvement

Air conditioning units are just like many other things in life, unpredictable. You can perform all the proper maintenance, change your air filters monthly and even get preventive inspections in the spring to ensure your air conditioner unit works correctly and it could still break down on the hottest day in July. There is no foolproof way to predict if an air conditioning unit is going to give out, but there are various signs that point to either needing air conditioning service in Mansfield or a complete replacement.

Frequent Repairs

If you suddenly find you have the phone number of the air conditioning service in Mansfield on speed dial, it might be time to look at a new unit. The more repairs you need, the more likely it is your unit is about to break for good. If you look at it from a financial sense, the need for more frequent repairs can really add up in your pocketbook. If you invest in a new unit, you will eliminate the need for service calls for a while, saving you more money in the long run.

Inconsistent Temperatures

If you find various rooms in your home have different temperatures, something is more than likely wrong with your AC unit. While it is not always necessary to instantly buy a new unit, it is worth having a professional inspection to determine the reason this is occurring. If the parts are corroded or certain ducts are filled with debris, it could be a simple repair. If it is something more detailed than a simple fix, it might be worth consulting with a professional to determine your best choice.

Old Unit

Just like most other items in your home, air conditioner units are not made to last forever. Each unit has its own lifespan, but if your unit is around 10 years old, it might be time to look at getting a new unit. If you find your unit is not running efficiently, is becoming noisy or constantly needs air conditioning service in Mansfield, it might be time for a replacement.

Consulting with a professional can help you determine what the right choice is for your home. Whether you need air conditioning service in Mansfield or a completely new system, there are many companies that can help you achieve your goal and cool your house down without too many inconveniences.

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